Squad Information

Kingsway Swimming Club's weekly training sessions are held at Mercedes College's indoor aquatic and gym facility and are split into the following categories.

Group Fitness

Gym circuit training sessions run on Tuesday and Thursdays 4-4:45pm before the afternoon swim session. The session incorporates varied functional movements and high intensity exercises to build muscle tone and increase cardiovascular fitness. Group Fitness sessions are led by an experienced instructor in the college's upstairs gymnasium.

Mini Squad

Swimmers graduating Learn to Swim stages who can demonstrate proficient 25m Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke are welcome to join Mini squad.

Mini squad focuses on loving swimming and learning how to dive and swim with speed. Swimmers are taught Butterfly and how to use fins, paddles

And kick boards regularly in the session.

Bronze Junior

An introduction to squad training for swimmers graduating from learn to swim programs. Swimmers develop proficient technique in all four strokes as well as basic racing skills in a fun squad environment.

Bronze Development

Training is aimed to advance technique and race skills as well as improving cardiovascular fitness. Athletes learn how to train consistently each week and begin to race competitively at school and club level meets.

Silver Development

For athletes who have chosen swimming as one of their main sports. This squad caters for the training needs of athletes in competitive swimming, triathlon, water polo or surf. Athletes are encouraged to compete at targeted meets.

Gold Development

Athletes who have demonstrated proficient technique and skill level during training and competition and want to use this as a platform for success at school and targeted competitions.

State Development

This squad is for athletes training to compete at targeted meets and aiming to qualify for pool and OW States. Programs encompass all areas of training specific for athletes racing at competitive state level meets.